Shop Floor Automation

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Shop Floor Automation

Mitigate the capacity, utilization of machines and resources challenges on the shop floor with an Industry 4.0 Solution and accelerate floor productivity, improve Plant Capacity, maximize Machine Efficiency and Equipment Effectiveness with state-of-the-art shop floor automation software.


Increased productivity

Up-to-minute production data to analyze process, machine performance for improving productivity.

100% Data accuracy

IoT sensors for real-time data collection from machines and processes to ensure 100% accuracy.

Enhanced production quality

Trace the products through every phase of the production and optimize the operations for maximum efficiency to improve production quality.

Increased machine & operator efficiency

Track down every machine data and operator activity on the floor to identify challenges and improve machine, operator efficiency.

Complete floor visibility

Real-time data, production insights, and supply chain-related information to have a complete control over the shop floor.

Lesser downtime

Foresee and prevent machine malfunctions and failures with predictive maintenance to reduce downtime.

Minimal manual intervention

Garner data even from locations or machines where humans can’t intervene with IoT and sensors.

Faster decision making

Utilize the historic data of production and machines to make faster and better decisions.

Application Features

  • Mobile app for operators to receive machine performance alerts and job cards on shop floor for optimized resource planning.
  • IoT sensors on machines to garner data of each movement to track its performance and efficiency under different conditions.
  • Condition based monitoring of equipments using IoT for analyzing equipment efficiency
  • Comprehensive web dashboard for site managers for monitoring the entire floor production data under one roof
  • Real-time data from the production floor to monitor, track and optimize the machine and operator operations for achieving better production quality.
  • Predictive Analytics using historical data to identify challenges and machine efficiency problems to make faster and smart decisions for doubling up productivity.
  • Monitor every critical equipment on the floor and manage them effectively for meeting the planned vs actual output.