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Minisrty of Finance

Ministry of Finance is a government entity, headquartered in Abu Dhabi, that houses the economic and Financial operations of the country. The Ministry approached IXFOCUS for a visitor management system through which employees can book meeting rooms, conduct meetings etc.

IXFOCUS proposed 3 solutions for the requirement- Web- based Meeting Management Portal that allows MOF employees to book meeting rooms, arrange meeting with fellow employees and also with people outside the organization. It’s a very rich features-ridden system that gives detailed access as to the minute details of creating a meeting, send meeting invites, cancelling the meeting, etc. Kiosk application for users to attend meeting by also printing out a card that shows the details of the booked meeting and with a unique barcode and opens the access doors. The application is installed on a customised interactive kiosk. Helpdesk for the receptionist who can enter details of the visitor by scanning their Emirates IDs, passports, driving licences.

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