Interactive Wayfinding

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Interactive Wayfinding

Interactive Wayfinding enhances visitor experience by providing an easy navigating tool on kiosks as well as mobile phones; be it in a shopping mall, schools and universities, hospital or a large facility.



Personalize and customize the content with logos, videos and social media for a warm welcome

Immersive navigation

Provide a virtual tour of your facility with the touch of a fingertip

Points of Interest

Highlight key areas and directions on the interactive map


Customise everything from the kiosk design to user interface


Integrate Digital Wayfinding with other systems such as QR, Smartphone, Emergency Response or any internal application you're using.

Application Features

  • Fully customizable 2D/ 2.5D / 3D interactive map development based on client’s brand guidelines and real life floor plan specifications
  • Category tagging/ mapping for POIs for quick search
  • Quick search by category/ brand/ keyword
  • Highly customized user experience and interface (UX & UI)
  • Idle time screen saver and promotion slot for advertising
  • The “You are Here” is determined accurately based on the kiosk location and client’s specification ensuring easy navigation
  • The map orientation on each kiosk is determined based on the location ensuring better user experience
  • User can choose the destination and view animated pathways to the destination
  • Intra-floor navigation is made possible through connectors such as escalators, stairways and elevators
  • User can click on the POI and view detailed information such as store timings, description, social identities and images
  • User can click on home/my location and revert to original position
  • The way finding system can be adapted to run on any platform – Windows, iOS, Android, SSP, Chrome OS
  • The way finding system can be adapted to third party digital signage platform which supports default browsers such as Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox with interactive abilities.
  • The system is capable of generating QR code for path ways to allow users to replicate the pathway on their own smart phones
  • The system can support multiple languages provided all necessary assets/information are provided by the client
  • Media playback support for videos, images, animation etc.
  • Flexible and Content Management System (CMS) for quick updates

Content Management (CMS) Features

  • Web Based CMS
  • On-premise server or on-cloud SaaS support available
  • User level authentication and privileges
  • Point of Interest (POI) Manager
    • Manage Names, Logo, Colors, Store Operating hours, Images
    • Create categories and map to POIs
    • Define colors for categories
    • Mapping POI information to defined POIs
    • Brand color mapping to POIs
  • Idle time screen manager– Manage marketing or promotional collateral for the kiosk where the admin can upload videos, images
  • Secure floor plan model – avoid unauthorized changes, additions, deletions and updates.
  • Any change in floor plan design, size or layout will be supported by IXFocus development team.
  • Any creation, deletion of POIs will be supported by IXFocus development team.
  • Dynamic mapping and path finding for Points of Interest (POIs) allows new update of POI information will be supported by IXFocus development team

Projects Delivered: