Field Sales Automation

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Field Sales Automation

Automate your field sales activities using our fully packed Happisales field sales software and streamline, manage, control and improve your field sales operations and customer satisfaction significantly.


Accelerated production

Optimize field sales to increase sales productivity

Better sales

Identify field activity patterns to conquer sales challenges

Detailed analytics

Leverage detailed customer analytics for improved satisfaction

More Selling

Enable field sales team to focus on customers and spend more time on selling

Real-time tracking

100% improved sales activity through real-time sales activity tracking

Complete visibility

Track sales activities from anywhere, anytime

Team coaching

Train field sales team about products for increased sales

Rapid growth

Measure, analyze sales progress and improve

Application Features

  • Location tracking - GPS-enabled location tracking to track field sales activities from anywhere, anytime
  • Product Management - Digital product catalog to help field sales personnel access product details instantly and sell better.
  • Catalog sync – Say good-bye to manual brochures, pamphlets. Cut down the manual cost and update any product digitally to the catalog in no time at zero cost.
  • Daily reports – Track attendance, day-to-day or weekly or monthly activities of the secondary sales team to set targets and improve achievements.
  • Offline capability – Enable salesforce to perform actions even from no network zones seamlessly.
  • Expense tracking – Keep track of all the expenses of field sales including fuel consumption to control spending.